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Obama Brings Bulls To White House

Further proving that life isn't fair, pro hoopsters get to hang with president



    Obama Brings Bulls To White House
    White House photo
    Everything about this is so unfair.

    If you're a big Barack Obama fan, you probably imagine your dream scenario: visiting the White House, moving through the rooms, talking policy. You know, hanging out for a day. Imitating "The West Wing" by walking and talking really, really fast about. All that good stuff.

    If you're a big Bulls fan, your dream situation probably sounds similar: sitting around, getting a personalized jersey as a gift, making jokes about how you're taller than Ben Gordon, maybe shooting a few hoops, or making the promise to. That's pretty much how it would go in our heads.

    Of course, if you're on the Bulls, or you're the President of the United States, you get to kill two birds with one stone. That's exactly what Barack Obama did with the Bulls yesterday, inviting them to the White House for some playful banter and an exchange of gifts. Commence swooning ... now:

    ''It was a great experience,'' Bulls rookie point guard Derrick Rose said. ''Usually, you're nervous around a person of his stature and power, but he made us feel at ease. He was like one of the guys. He was laughing and joking with us and knew everybody on the team by name.

    ''We toured the White House and took pictures with the president. [Assistant coach] Pete Myers gave me a copy of [Obama's] book and he autographed it for me.''

    Before Obama took a picture with everyone in the Bulls group, he said he wanted to stand next to Ben Gordon because ''Ben's not that tall.'' That drew a laugh from the players.

    Ugh! We hate you, Chicago Bulls. Also you, Barack Obama! We want to hang out with both of you, and you get to do it because you're professional basketball players and/or the leader of the free world. That is so not fair. What about Main Street, President Obama? Screw tax relief. We want to party with you! And the Bulls, if they're available. Can we make that happen?

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