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Would Derrick Rose Leave Chicago?

Former Orlando Magic head coach, Stan Van Gundy, thinks Derrick could leave someday



    Would Derrick Rose Leave Chicago?
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    Stan Van Gundy thinks that if the Bulls don't surround Derrick Rose with a winning team, he could leave Chicago one day.

    Former Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy wondered aloud on an Orlando radio sports show whether Derrick Rose will be the next player in the current trend of NBA superstars to leave their current team and team up with another star on a different squad.

    Van Gundy appeared on AM-740’s “The Game” in Orlando according to an ESPN report and spoke on a number of topics, including Rose.
    “I think Derrick Rose is a great, great representative of our league, and he's a great player. And he's got good players around him, very good players around him, but if (the Bulls) can't get another star there for him is he eventually going to look around and say, 'Hey, I've got to work this out on my own and I've got to find somehow to get somewhere else so that I will have a chance to play with another star?' The league has changed.”
    Despite the recent trend, Rose has long maintained his desire to play his entire career in Chicago, but he also wants to win. Losing has caused many players to look for greener pastures and if the Bulls don’t surround Derrick with the players to win a title, he could do the same.
    Still, given his loyalty to the city it seems unlikely that Derrick Rose would ever leave Chicago. And should he someday get over his aversion to “recruiting,” he’ll never have to.