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Midday Stampede: Bulls Present Is Dark, Future Still Bright

Looking beyond the 2012-2013 season, the Bulls will be contenders again once Derrick Rose returns



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    The present for the Chicago Bulls may seem dark without Derrick Rose, but once he returns and his healthy, the future will be bright once again.

    Locally, the talk of the summer was the Chicago Bulls and the moves that they made during free-agency. None were well received by a fan base that saw the roster additions as the team showing an unwillingness to be competitive and instead, content to just tread water during the upcoming season. 

    In what has been dubbed the “2014 plan,” the team has seemed to give up on the 2012-2013 season and instead shifted their focus on rebuilding around a healthy Derrick Rose once he returns and proves that he’s ready to lead the Bulls once again.
    It’s a rationale that makes many fans cringe, but at the core, it’s just good business.
    The Chicago Bulls have a lot of money invested in Rose and have made him the player the team will be built around. The expectations for the upcoming campaign won’t be as high as they have been the last two years without a legitimate second superstar to offset the loss of Rose, but it's just one season.
    The future will be much brighter once Rose comes back, but until such time, asking fans to be patient is difficult, but there is really no other alternative.
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