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Midday Stampede: Bill Russell a Fan of Joakim Noah

The Boston Celtics great calls Joakim his favorite player to watch



    Midday Stampede: Bill Russell a Fan of Joakim Noah
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    Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah

    Bill Russell is the most decorated NBA player of all time. The Hall of Famer who won 11 championships as both a player and coach with the Boston Celtics, heaped high praise on Chicago Bulls big man, Joakim Noah.

    In an interview with NBA.com, Russell was asked which players today seem to play with the most pride on the court. The 78-year-old – who recently underwent open heart surgery three weeks ago – mentioned Noah and Derrick Rose and spoke highly of both. He also said that Joakim was his favorite player to watch and that the Bulls don’t utilize his vast skillset enough.

    "A player who doesn't get much attention and is one of my favorites to watch is Joakim Noah. The Bulls don't utilize some of his skills. Not only is he a good rebounder but he's an excellent passer. A good passer is more important to a team than a good shooter on offense."

    Many people who follow the game have always complimented Noah on his rebounding and passing ability, along with his heart and his hustle, but his game (offensively) has been the same for a few years now.

    Hopefully he’s taken steps over the summer to expand his repertoire as the team will have to adopt an “all hands on deck” approach with Derrick being out of the lineup.