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Anti-Vick Protests Should Continue



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    Quarterback Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles talks to the media after their game against the Kansas City Chiefs on September 27, 2009 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    It isn't clear if all the hubbub over Michael Vick's dog fighting conviction and subsequent return to the NFL has blown over, but his appearance at Soldier Field on Sunday should tell us.

    It seems that now, with Vick's arm behind the Eagles, more people are worried about his passing game than all the dogs he killed. It seems, too, that much of the protest activity surrounding Vick is starting to dissipate. That's too bad.


    The "Air Vick"

    The anti-Vick Web site,, has been relatively quiet since last month. The site has organized several "pro-animal anti-Vick" protests, selling T-shirts with catchy slogans like, "Dogfighting: How men with small penises feel macho," and "Neuter Michael Vick." They've sworn to continue the protests at every Eagles home game in Philly, but protesters' lack of numbers have resulted in little media coverage even there.

    Last week, a small group of animal rights activists organized a protest against Vick, complete with a "Michael Vick Pee Pole," when the Eagles traveled to San Diego.

    If Chicago's anti-dog fighting activists really mean what they say, they shouldn't let a prime target like Michael Vick blow through the Windy City  without plenty of grief.  The protests should continue.  Yes, he's apologized, but Vick remains the anti-Christ as far as dog lovers are concerned, and as such they should speak up now or forever hold their peace.

    And let's face it -- heckling Michael Vick to distraction may be the only chance the Bears have at actually winning a game this season.

    If you're heading to the Bears game today, don't forget your "My dog hates Michael Vick" signs.  If you won't do it for the dogs, at least do it for da Bears.