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MLB: Watch What You Tweet

League monitors players' Twitter accounts after social media snafus



    MLB: Watch What You Tweet
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    Ozzie Guillen.

    Thanks to Twitter, anyone can find out important things about their favorite celebrities, like when they wake up or when they're shopping.

    Not taking any chances, Major League Baseball wants to make sure it stays innocuous. As such the organization is keeping an eye on all their Twitter activity, great and small of all its employees.

    The organization sent out guidelines reminding them to be responsible with their 140-character messages, reports the Sun-Times.

    This could be a problem for Ozzie Guillen, who is notorious for his speak first attitude and recently joined the social media network.

    Ozzie likely has enough restraint to avoid saying stuff like Oakland's Brad Ziegler or spewing the racial slurs that former pitcher Mike Bacsik espoused recently.

    But the MLB will be watching nonetheless.

    "I think [the organization] is more or less saying use common sense, which I try to do anyway," White Sox third baseman Mark Teahentold the Sun-Times. "I don't know if they even needed to put it out, but I guess some people out there might need that reminder."

    As long as

    Ozzie's kids don't stir the pot again

    on Twitter, things should be okay for the foul-mouthed sound-bite sensation. Plus, considering Guillen's complete disregard for grammar or spelling, we'd be surprised if the MLB even understood his Tweets.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.