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Jay Watching: Debut Disappointment

Quarterback debuts with 5-10 performance



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    Jay Cutler says not to worry about his performance Saturday. "It's preseaon."

    That was disappointing.

    If you missed the beginning of the Chicago Bears 27-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium, here's a recap.

    The highly-anticipated debut of quarterback Jay Cutler provided four possessions, 14 plays from scrimmage, 10 passes, five catches, 64 yards, one interception and another one that should have been if cornerback Reggie Cofrner had been paying attention when the ball hit him in the numbers.

    That was Cutler's debut.

    "There's no reason for anyone to start to panic," Cutler said. "It's preseason."

    He's right. It was. And his lack of show-stopping bullets through the sky wasn't helped by tight end Greg Olsen and running back Matt Forte being idelined with injuries.

    "I thought he got his feet wet," coach Lovie Smith told the Sun-Times. "We're not ready for prime time yet as a football team. We wanted to get Jay some action for him to have a chance to play with the team."

    The highlight of that action was a Desmond Clark pass down the seam that gave the Bears a 30-yard gain.

    ''It's not like we game-planned for this or had a plan going into it,'' Cutler told the Sun-Times. ''We just wanted to get guys in the right place, and I think we did that, for the most part.''