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Big Facts about the Big Hurt

Frank Thomas announces retirement from baseball



    Big Facts about the Big Hurt
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    Frank Thomas: While Thome was in Cleveland cranking homers, Frank Thomas was the Sox's own big-ball legend. One of the more imposing hitters in the history of professional baseball and one of the only of his era to actively speak out against steroids (remember, Thomas was the only player who volunteered to talk with George Mitchell), a fallout with management in the winter of 2005 saw Thomas shipped off to the Oakland Athletics, where he promptly revived his career.

    After an 18 year career in baseball, Frank Thomas announced Friday that he's hanging up his cleats and retiring from baseball.

    Favorite Baseball City:  Chicago.  "People talk NY, Boston, Philly, there's no place like Chicago."

    Favorite Manager:  Gene Lamont.  "(We) saw eye to eye."

    Favorite Teammate:  Tim Raines "I played with 850 teammates...he really pulled me under his wings"

    Favorite White Sox Memory:  World Series  "I didn't get to play in the World Series but I was there"

    Toughest Pitcher:Randy Johnson, Pedro (Martinez) in his prime, Roger Clemens in his prime.  "Toughest reliever I ever faced was Jeff Nelson" 

    Favorite Sport:  Football "I always played two sports my whole life, football was my favorite."

    What Defined his Baseball Career?  "My consistency"

    Favorite Accomplishment?  Batting Title  "I didn't get those cheap infield hits.  I was a big guy."

    How did he develop the "Batter's eye"?  A gift.  "and in high school we ran sprints after swinging at bad pitches, I didn't want to do that."

    Biggest Change in 18 years?  Family.  17 year old Sterling, teenage sisters Sloan and Sydney, and 15 month old Frank. Jr.  "hopefully Sterling will be playing college baseball at UNLV next year"

    On Playing Clean:  "I'm happy and proud I competed and competed at a high level with all that stuff going on."

    Will he stay in baseball?  For now he's Mr. Mom "I do want to be involved in this game doing something, we'll see, we'll see."

    No you won't see him on "Dancing with the Stars"!