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GQ Magazine Names Ozzie Guillen One of Worst Coaches in Sports

GQ honors Marlins' manager for excellence in bloviating



    GQ Magazine Names Ozzie Guillen One of Worst Coaches in Sports

    Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen has been recognized for his coaching abilities, but this might not be the kind of recognition he is looking for.

    GQ named Guillen one of the twelve worst coaches in sports, sharing the "Bloviator" division with New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

    "Imagine a fire hose that sprays heavily pressurized Spanglish verbiage instead of water and starts massive fires instead of putting them out," GQ said of Guillen.

    Guillen's list of transgressions is well known by now, but just in case any forgot, GQ listed a few. "Will espouse love for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez on the record. Will tell a reporter, 'I drink a lot, bro.'"

    And those are just examples from the past few months. Ryan, his fellow bloviator, frankly has a hard time keeping up. The best GQ could muster for him was "This big, animated stuffed bear makes a lot of crazy-ass promises his team can't keep."

    In the grand scheme of things, Guillen's crimes are not as severe as some of the other coaches' on that list (which includes New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton - who let the Saints' illegal bounty program proceed under his watch - as well as former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino - who had his mistress on the payroll).

    But the Marlins knew when they acquired Guillen's services that he was bound to cross a line at some point with his knack for colorful observations. It's funny when Guillen tells reporters he would fight his players if any of them yelled at him the way Dwyane Wade did at Erik Spoelstra a week ago, but less so when he starts talking about Castro.

    At least now that he's off of Twitter, the Marlins have one less source of potential PR nightmares on their hands.