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Freddie's on Fire



    Meet Freddie Ljungberg. He's the latest addition to the Chicago Fire, and a former Calvin Klein underwear model. (Published Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010)

    He bears his soul on the field. His body, off.

    The Chicago Fire's recent acquisition, Freddie Ljungberg, 33, is a former Calvin Klein underwear model. Voted one of the sexiest players in the game, this self-proclaimed "shy guy" says he had to be convinced to strip down to his skivvies when he first started modeling -- he called the experience "embarrassing" at first. 

    But, the Swedish-born star isn't just a handsome face. He's tri-lingual, and was recently voted one of the top-11 players in Arsenal history.

    Ljungberg's on a growing list of futbol phenoms to shed their threads. I'm sure you can recall seeing David Beckham, or most recently, Cristiano Ronaldo, baring their, um, hearts.

    It's a far cry from, say, Michael Jordan's role as a fully-clothed Hanes pitchman.

    Ljungberg's not burning up underwear billboards at the moment. He'd rather heat up the Fire's chances of making the 2010 MLS playoffs.