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Dwyane Wade Returns to Chicago Court



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    He’s a superstar on the basketball court, but on the witness stand Dwyane Wade says he’s an abused husband. Today, the Miami Heat player returns to a Chicago courtroom to continue testifying in his bitter custody hearing with ex-wife, Siohvaughn Wade.

    In court on Friday, Wade spent most of the day answering questions from his attorney, Jim Pritikin, denying accusations made by his ex-wife, including allegations that he abandoned his children, used drugs and owned guns. Wade testified that Siohvaughn attacked him and threw a marble object at him during an argument in the bathroom at their home in Florida.

    Wade, who is seeking sole custody of their sons, ages 8 and 3, said it was great the court allowed him to give his version of the events. "For the first time I have an opportunity to have my voice heard," Wade said.

    Among the allegations made by Siohvaughn Wade is that her ex-husband engaged in a sex act with his girlfriend in front of their children. Last May, she filed a lawsuit on behalf of the boys, saying they were severely affected by the incident. Siohvaughn’s suit also alleged that the girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union, received a significantly nicer Christmas gift than their sons.
    Wade denied both of those incidents happened. The lawsuit was dismissed.

    Wade insists he's not seeking custody to avoid child support. He testified his ex-wife stopped returning calls, texts and e-mails and wouldn't allow him to see the boys unless she was around. Wade says even if he wins custody, he still wants Siohvaughn to be involved with them and believes they could have joint custody down the road.

    Last month, the appointed attorney for the children recommended to the court that Dwyane Wade be awarded custody, and that their mother should agree to undergo "extensive therapy" if she is to have any visitation privileges.

    Dwyane Wade was awarded "physical possession" of his sons in June, after a judge found that his attempts to visit his sons had been "frustrated on an ongoing basis as a result of continual interference" by his ex-wife. Right now though, the boys are still living with their mother.