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Does Kristin Cavallari Threaten the Cutler-Martz Bromance?

Cavallari should be wary of angry Midwesterners



    Does Kristin Cavallari Threaten the Cutler-Martz Bromance?
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    Cavallari starred on the reality shows "The Hills" and "Laguna Beach."

    Bears quarterback Jay Cutler reportedly continued nurturing his budding romance with reality TV star Kristin Cavallari over the Labor Day weekend.

    The emerging couple spent the weekend in Nashville, near where he spent his college years. The pair was also spotted at Market in the West Loop, enjoying the bar's beer garden.

    "This has been one of the best weekends of my life," the Cavallari posted on her Twitter account. "Yeehaw."

    Somewhere, forlorn Offensive Coordinator Mike Martzis wearing out a dubbed copy of Ani DiFranco's "Untouchable Face."

    The Bears' new passing guru and Cutler have had an epic bromance going since the Bears started pre-season. Cutler said that they clicked early on. Martz said he just truly enjoyed his QB's company.

    Will this third person wreck the relationship? Will Bears fans call Cavallari Yoko Ono?

    Remember, Kristin: Bears fans will have no problem with you appearing around town on Cutler's arm.

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    We're Midwesterners, so we'll likely smile, be friendly and offer you a hot dog or something. 

    But nobody -- WE MEAN NOBODY -- gets between a man and his offensive coordinator. Leave their bromance be, and you'll find Chicago to be the friendly city it truly is.