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D. Rose Sympathizes With Parents of CPS Students

Rose spoke on why he tweeted his thoughts on the CPS strike



    D. Rose Sympathizes With Parents of CPS Students
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    On Thursday, Derrick Rose said he sympathizes with parents of children affected by the CPS strike.

    Derrick Rose this week has shown a side of himself that is rarely seen in public.

    On Thursday, during the event to celebrate the launch of his upcoming sneaker and signature apparel collection with adidas, the 23-year-old spoke on a number of personal topics which he holds close to him, one of those being the current CPS teacher’s strike.

    Rose has used his personal Twitter account to give his thoughts on the current labor battle and he was asked at the end of his event why he decided to publicly voice his opinion on the subject.

    "I didn’t have to go through [a strike], so I can only imagine what parents have to go through where they have to find babysitters. I know how hard that is. You have parents with two or three kids and to have to find babysitters for all of those kids is messed up," said Rose.

    "I’m from here. I ride around the neighborhoods in the inner city and just to see kids out at 12 o’clock when they’re supposed to be in school, it hurts you knowing that’s what they have to deal with. For me, I’m going to have a kid and this is one of the reasons why I’m thinking about it. I hope they change it soon. I’m praying for it," he said.

    While both sides have said that progress has been made, the more than 350,000 CPS students who are out of school won’t be attending classes on Friday as previously hoped as the teacher strike goes into a fifth day.

    NBC Chicago has an array of reporters and producers covering the Chicago teacher strike. Check our live blog for continuous coverage and updates throughout the strike.