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D Rose + D Howard = Bulls Love?

Rose disinterested in Howard trade rumors



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    Should Dwight Howard be on the Bull's dream-team list?

    Should Bulls fans dream of Dwight Howard at center?

    Derrick Rose doesn't seem to care one way or the other. In fact, he says he's "sick and tired" of any Dwight Howard trade talk.

    Props to Rose for keeping his head where it should be - on the next game, on the season and on a ring. Speculation is excellent blog fodder and barber shop conversation, but it doesn't matter after tip-off.

    What's more, making any change to a roster can have ridiculous consequences. This team is relatively used to the pieces in play. Adding a dominant center would be an awesome luxury, but it would change up the team's style. Would Howard be willing to hustle like Noah? Does he expect the ball in his hands the majority of the time?

    Often a star player (cough, Alan Iverson, cough) will arrive on a team and try to bend the team to his style, rather than the other way around. Jeremy Lin appeared out of nowhere and succeeded because he fit a specific need. Carmelo (a much better player) showed up and the Knicks remained fairly stagnant.

    Chemistry is more important than talent. Last year's NBA Finals showed that. The Bulls have a pretty good thing going. Is it worth jumping ship mid-stream?

    Dwight Howard could be the missing piece to some team's championship puzzle. He could also cripple a team if they were forced to give up too much.

    Whatever happens, it's nice to know Derrick Rose is just focused on the court.