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Cutler and Martz Bromance in Full Bloom

How can the OC and the QB keep the magic going?



    Offensive coach Mike Martz says he's trying to pack as much information into the playbook as possible, and says he has a great relationshipp with QB Jay Cutler. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010)

    Early reports on the relationship between Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and new offensive coordinator Mike Martz were not good. Considering Cutler left Denver, in part, due to poor relations with his coaches -- and that Cutler never meshed with former Bears OC Ron Turner -- these reports scared Bears fans.

    But fans can rest easy. The QB and the OC are in full bromance mode.

    Martz says that he just likes being around Cutler.

    "I thoroughly enjoy his company, just enjoy being around him outside the football part of it too," Martz said to reporters yesterday. "He has a great sense of humor. He's a little screwed up in his sense of humor like I am, so we kind of fit pretty good I think."

    For Cutler, it was manlove at first sight.

    ''I think me and Mike, it kind of clicked very quickly in our relationship,'' Cutler said. "We have the same goals in mind. I think we have the same thought process on and off the field.''

    This warms the heart of every Bears fan who wants to see the team surprise the experts and win the NFC North, something that won't happen without a well-oiled offensive machine. Still, if these two want to keep the bromance going, they need to work at it.

    Cutler can take Martz to the top of the Signature Room for a drink or two. Maybe they can enjoy Chicago's gorgeous architecture via a boat cruise. Is Martz a fan of Indian food? Cutler can find out by taking the coach to Devon Ave. for samosas. They could even do the ultimate bonding experience, shopping for bargains, with a trip up to Gurnee Mills after practice.

    A good relationship takes work, gentlemen. Don't let the bromance die when the honeymoon, er, training camp is over.