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Cutler Apologizes for Picks

Can everybody shut up now?



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    It's all smiles for Jay Cutler and Chicago right now but conditions in the Windy City have been known to get a little windy for Bears quarterbacks.

    The Jay Cutler madness reached new levels of stupid this week, and there was no reason to suspect anything but a continuation of the trend. If being dumb about Jay Cutler was a stock, it would be skyrocketing. Everybody wants a piece.

    The most egregious offenders were Jim Mora and Mike Martz, who told the Sun-Times that "someone needed to talk to [Cutler]" about how he was representing his team in his comments after the Packers loss. Cutler's presser was the usual "we're disappointed, we've got to play better" nonsense that most athletes use after losses, but for some reason, Cutler's was an offense against the football gods. This led Rick Morrissey to write a really dumb column about how Jay Cutler was an out-of-control menace, and how he needed to be stopped before, we don't know, someone felt slightly disrespected, or something.

    A day later, does this sound like a player disrespecting his teammates and coaches? Can we stop this now?

    “Any time you put a defense in a hole like I did with four picks it’s going to be tough. I’ve got to limit that,” Cutler said, adding he was disappointed in his own performance. “But on a good note, we did some good things out there. We made some plays, our receivers played well, the line played well. I’ve just got to pick it up.”

    “I’m disappointed. The locker room’s disappointed in the loss. I’m disappointed in my performance. I let the guys down, four picks. But we can’t dwell on it. I can’t dwell on it. We’ve got to keep going. The city obviously is probably a little bit disappointed as well. We’re going to bounce back, I’m going to bounce back. We’re going to get better. That I can promise you.”

    Wow, that's ... perfectly reasonable! Perhaps even a little overapologetic! THIS MAN MUST BE STOPPED.

    The Sun-Times' Neil Hayes wrote the best paragraph to date on this whole mess. Preach on, Neil:

    This is the City of Broad Shoulders, not the city of People Bitching About Body Language. This is the City That Works, not the City That Whines About Facial Expressions and Voice Inflections, which is why we should keep the focus on what Cutler does instead of how he acts and what he says. One week into the season, don't we have enough reasons to be critical without manufacturing any?

    It's settled, then. Can everybody just shut up now?

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