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Cubs Win! (In Commercial Land)

Video game commercial imagines a city-wide party in Chicago



    Cubs Win! (In Commercial Land)
    PlayStation used images from a fictional Cubs World Series to promote the game "MLB '12: The Show," released to stores Tuesday.

    What if the Cubs won the World Series?

    What if?

    What would happen?

    Would you flood the streets to shower your fellow Chicagoans in champagne and kiss a stranger? Would you honk your horn and scream at the top of your lungs? A new PlayStation commercial imagines the unimaginable.

    "We chose what’s arguably the greatest moment for any gamer and fan of baseball: winning the World Series," PlayStation reps said in a statement. "We celebrate the fans who have the longest-running loyalty and emotion behind their team to win it – Cubs fans." 

    The commercial is for the game "MLB '12: The Show," released to stores Tuesday with the tagline "So real, it's unreal."

    But for any red-blooded Cubs fan, it's nothing short of a vision of heaven. Take a look for yourself and wonder... what if? What if? What if?