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Cubs, Sox Stick with BP as Crosstown Sponsor

Oil company will scale back presence



    Cubs, Sox Stick with BP as Crosstown Sponsor
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    The Cubs and White Sox are remaining loyal to their sponsor of the Crosstown Cup: British Petroleum.

    The Crosstown Classic is one of the most anticipated summer events in Chicago. But this year, there may be a rather large elephant in the room with the Cubs and Sox.

    A very big, oil-drenched elephant.

    This year, the series is known as the "Crosstown Cup," and for the first time it has a sponsor: British Petroleum.

    That's right. BP—the oil company facing a public-image nightmare due to its involvement with the biggest environmental disaster in U.S. history—is sponsoring the six-game series between the Cubs and White Sox.


    Because BP has its money (*ahem*) tied up elsewhere, Cubs spokesperson Kevin Saghytold the Chicago Tribune that the company has "scaled back efforts a little bit." However, its logo will still be used on the event's signs and in-store promotions.

    The Cubs are "loyal to their business partners," Saghy said. "We are standing by [BP] as they go through this tough time."

    "Obviously, it's a terrible accident and what's happening in the Gulf impacts everybody," Brooks Boyer, the White Sox' chief marketing officer, told the Daily Herald. "We've had conversations about what's happened, but we want to be as loyal to BP as possible."

    After all, we have to have our priorities!

    The Crosstown Cup takes place from June 11 to 13 and June 25 and 27.

    We heard the first 500 ticket holders get a free handful of sludge.

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.