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Bulls Guard Angers Floyd Mayeweather

Woman told Mayweather she was dating C.J. Watson.



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    CJ Watson better take some boxing lessons.

    Chicago Bulls guard C.J. Watson may want to take some boxing lessons, because professional pugilist Floyd Mayweather Jr. is none-to-happy with him.

    Watson reportedly is mixed up in a domestic dispute between boxer Mayweather Jr. and his baby mama Josie Harris, TMZ reports.  

    Mayweather, who was recently arrested for grand larceny relating to the snafu, allegedly attacked the woman after reading text messages on her phone purportedly from the Bulls' backup.

    According to a police report obtained by the website, the woman told Mayweather she was seeing Watson, to which the boxer replied: “I’m going to kill you and the man your (sic) are messing around with… I’m going to have you both disappear.”

    Mayweather reportedly suspects Watson as Harris' love connection and even confronted her about him. She said Watson is the one, but multiple sources close to Harris say he is not involved with Mayweather’s ex, despite what she told Las Vegas police. 

    His father, Charles Watson, told the website the woman “… did some event planning for C.J…. but other than that, they have no relationship whatsoever.”  He said his son has a long-time girlfriend named Danielle. 

    Mayweather was later arrested for grand larceny for taking his ex’s iPhone on the night of the incident.  He has been booked and is being held in lieu of $3,000 bail.