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Bears Are NFL's Most Neglected Brand, Forbes Says

Forbes blames bad management



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    Forbes says Michael McCaskey wasn't as talented as his grandfather father in running the team.

    The Chicago Bears 2010 squad my look like a work in progress, but the organization as a whole has been a work in progress ever since George Halas turned over the reins of the team to his grandson Michael in 1983.

    Chicago has one of the most underutilized NFL brands in the entire league, reports Forbes Magazine. The magazine values the franchise at about $1.07 billion, or ninth on the list of 32 teams. They are by far the lowest valued large-market franchise.

    Analysts say the team could be worth about $800 million more if they ran their business correctly and identified new revenue streams the way more successful owner like Jerry Jones of the Cowboys and Dan Snyder of the Redskins do.

    Across the board on streams like stadium naming rights, television deals and ticket sales the Chicago Bears lag behind other major-market teams, and even some smaller market teams like the New England Patriots. 

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