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Bears Training Camp: Uh-Oh, Tommie Harris Had Knee Surgery

The DT also had his hamstring tighten up, leaving him on the sidelines.



    Bears Training Camp: Uh-Oh, Tommie Harris Had Knee Surgery
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    Tommie Harris slow coming back from knee surgery in March is sidelined again in Bears training camp.

    Day ten. The injuries are adding up.

    And the bombshells are dropping. To wit: defensive tackle Tommie Harris says he had knee surgery in March.

    "I’m just now getting up to speed,” Harris said, explaining that his knee was scoped to clean out debris from past surgeries. He said it was “nothing serious."

    The three time pro bowler sat on the sidelines all practice, holding his helmet.

    But, said Coach Lovie Smith, “it’s not like you saw Tommie go down.” 

    “If a player is coming off injury we’re careful, no more than that. Tommie’s just taking a little bit longer… more than anything I don’t want him to be out there til he’s ready.”

    After leading the NFL in sacks by DT’s the last three seasons (18), Harris needs to be healthy for the Bears to get pressure up the middle. It all begins with pressure from the defensive line. It all begins with Tommie Harris.

    Meanwhile, cornerback Zack Bowman (hamstring) returned for individual drills and Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer worked at the SAM position with the 2’s. Fellow Linebacker Jamar Williams (shoulder) left with trainers, and Tight End Fontel Mines (knee strain) was carted off the field.


    • 9th straight day in pads? Is Lovie rebuking the detractors who said his training camps were the easiest in the NFL? “We don’t have two-a-days so I don’t think it’s a problem wearing the pads for one practice each day. Besides no one is complaining,” the coach said.
    • Charles Tillman caught an errant pass in the end zone while watching DB’s and WR’s going one on one. “Get out there Peanut!” fans yelled from the sidelines. “Does it look like I’m ready to go?” Peanut said back. He may have been in a uni and shorts, but Tillman still expects to be back for the season opener in Green Bay.
    • Earl Bennett pulled a "Dvoracek" during 7 on 7 drills.  He puked.  Not once, but twice.  Trainers eventually gave the Wide Receiver some water to settle his stomach.  But not before a fan could yell, "Hey, Earl the Hurl!"