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Grizzlies and Teddies: Grading Bear Performances

The best and worst from Saturday's game



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    Running back Chester Taylor had a good game on Saturday.

    Not much good came from the Bears' 14-9 loss to the Arizona Cardinals Saturday. The ugly, ugly game left more questions than answers for the injury plagued team. 

    Here's how we saw it.  

    Teddies: Poor performances were easy to find in the third Preseason game ...

    Jay Cutler: Cutler threw two interceptions, completed half his passes, and gave up 19 yards on four sacks for a passer rating of 31.0. The O-line is awful (see below), but Cutler's got to be better.

    Devin Hester: The man just doesn't run downfield. Hester continued his pattern of running from side to side -- or even backwards --instead of just running behind his coverage. As a result, he had one kickoff return for 11 yards, and three catches for 31 yards.

    Offensive line: It's redundant at this point to go on and on about how bad the offensive line is, so we'll just give you the numbers: Four sacks allowed and just 87 yards gained on the ground.

    Robbie Gould: One of the steadiest Bears of the past five years had an awful game. One field goal was blocked while another one hit the goal posts. He finally made a 22-yarder in the fourth quarter, but the damage was done.

    Grizzlies:  There were some bright spots, but not many ...

    Chester Taylor: The new Bear contributed to a promising offensive drive in the first quarter, breaking free for a 34-yard run, later adding a 12-yard catch.

    Johnny Knox: Early in the game, it appeared that Knox and Cutler could make magic, with Knox delivering on a 41-yard over-the shoulder grab.

    Danieal Manning: On an injury-riddled offense, Manning stepped up and made six tackles while also running for 56 yards on two kick returns.

    Julius Peppers: With a goal of breaking the NFL sack record, Peppers is getting in good practice in the pre-season. He sacked Matt Leinart for a seven-yard loss in the third quarter.