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Chad Ochocinco [Hearts] Johnny Knox



    Chad Ochocinco [Hearts] Johnny Knox
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    Chad Ochocinco loves Johnny Knox.

    Even Ochocinco is falling for stud Bears receiver Johnny Knox.

    The Bengals wide receiver, who earlier this week started a tounge-in-cheek war of words with the Chicago Bears, told reporters during a conference call that he digs what Knox is doing.

    "Can you please tell Johnny Knox I said hello," Ochocinco said. "I think the world of him and what he's doing out there. I look forward to meeting him Sunday."

    Ochocinco actually had a lot of praise for the Bears. He reversed course on his "kiss the baby" threat to Charles Tillman, too.

    "I've been studying film on 'Peanut' since training camp," Ochocinco said. "He's really, really good, man.

    "I know I've been playing around on Twitter and going back and forth with the nonsense, it's the way I play the game, but he looks really good. He's shut down some top receivers, so it's going to be a fun, interesting matchup come Sunday."

    While Ochocinco played nice during most of his conference call with reporters, he saved some barbs for linebacker Lance Briggs.

    "You guys pass a message, if [Briggs is] thinking about hitting me, I'll sue."

    And ... "keep your head on a swivel, because I'm head hunting."

    The oddball receiver also previewed his planned end-zone celebration for this week.

    He's going to do a samba.

    "I'm thinking about doing the samba this week courtesy of my friend [Brazilian soccer star] Ronaldinho," Ochocinco said.

    But, c'mon, the samba is like the national dance for Brazil, the country that happened to snake the Olympics from Chicago.