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Canucks Players Plan Chicago Pizza Crawl, Get Fined

Plan foiled when Facebook invite was sent to entire NHLPA



    Canucks Players Plan Chicago Pizza Crawl, Get Fined
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    CHICAGO - MARCH 06: Deep dish pizzas are prepared at Connie's Pizza March 6, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois. The cost of flour, a key ingredient in making pizza dough, has more than doubled in the past year because of high wheat prices caused by strong worldwide demand and increased price speculation. Connie's Pizza makes between 10 and 20 thousand pizzas each week. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    Editor's Note:This story has been revealed as satire. We fell for it. Happens when you're all about the 'Hawks, and understand how grown men struggle with their pizza jones. NBC regrets the error. Go 'Hawks!

    The Vancouver Canucks have fined two of their players for planning a day-long deep dish pizza crawl through Chicago, says the Hockey Independent.

    The Canucks' press office could not immediately confirm the report, but the Independent published a screen cap of the invite.

    The alleged plan was foiled when the invitation, posted on Facebook, was mistakenly sent to the entire National Hockey League Player's Association.

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    Center Kyle Wellwood and defenseman Shane O'Brien will be reprimanded, but to what extent isn't clear.

    The deep dish crawl plan started frattishly enough.

    "Gentleman!" wrote Wellwood on Facebook. "That time of the year again. Deep Dish Crawl 2010 in the hizzouse!! Lets doing it right this time [sic], one slice per place MAX, looking at you Marty LOL!"

    The comments came pouring in.

    "Oh whatever," replied goalie Martin Brodeur. "Not my fault we got stuck at Papa John's for 2 hours, I can still eat you under the table."

    "I dunno guys," wrote O'Brien. "Coach said he AHL my ass if I went over 230lbs again."

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    A few comments later, Blackhawks right winger Dustin Byfuglien chimed in:

    "Uh you do know you sent this to the entire NHLPA? ...Room for one more?"

    Guess not. The plan's been 86'd.