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Why the Bulls Should Give Rose a Break

Over reliance on MVP will cripple team in the long run



    Why the Bulls Should Give Rose a Break
    Jonathan Daniel, Getty Images

    It's been a rough year for Derrick Rose so far. The man's body has taken overwhelming damage.  From smashing his elbow on the floor in Detroit to this nagging turf toe injury. Yet he plays nearly every night.


    Sure, he's tough. But this team is talented enough to win without him. Last year in the playoffs, you saw four Bulls standing around, waiting for Rose to take the shot. For the Bulls to become elite, other people must be willing to pull the trigger.

    Look at the Lakers, where Kobe Bryant is getting an injection in his hand every night just to be able to play. Without Kobe, a thin Laker team would crumble.

    But without Rose, the Bulls can and should be able to find a way to win. Coach Thibodeau would be wise to let his team learn that during the season. 

    Home court advantage would be nice. And the Bulls currently have the best record in the league. But we only need to look at what happened to the Packers to know the regular season is just window dressing. It's most important for the team to be healthy and clicking at the end of the season.

    Thibodeau would be wise to put Rose on the shelf until he's completely healed. An injured player is only at risk of becoming more injured. And if the Bulls figure out how to win without Rose, they're a lock to win with him.