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Bruschi Lands ESPN Gig

Come winter, Bruschi will be in a cushy seat as his colleagues deal with rain and snow



    Bruschi Lands ESPN Gig
    Tedy Bruschi is going to be watching this happen to other guys as he gets to talk about it.

    Retirement didn’t last long for Tedy Bruschi, but what did you expect from the New England Patriots defensive star who would not even allow a stroke to keep him off the field?

    He barely had time to clear out his locker at Gillette Stadium since retiring last Monday before joining ESPN as an analyst for, you guess it – the NFL.

    His insider perspective will be running on and his famous face will appear on NFL Live and SportsCenter, sans the helmet, and he’ll also be on ESPN Radio and other ESPN platforms, according to ESPN.

    Bruschi’s TV career starts Monday night, just in time for the Pats’ opener against the Buffalo Bills. That's when he can sit back and watch the other guys get sacked and tackled, and just talk about it.  

    In case you want to know what he’s doing off the field, he also launched a Web-based stroke education and awareness video with AGA Medical Corporation, according to AGA. 

    Bruschi played for the Pats for 13 seasons and helped win three Super Bowls. In 2005, he returned in the seventh game of the season after suffering a mild stroke that February, just days after winning the Super Bowl and playing in his only Pro Bowl. 

    He served as captain of the Patriots defense for seven seasons.