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Brandon Marshall to the Bears? Maybe

Let the local pining begin



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    Brandon Marshall would be a huge addition to the Bears, but we're not holding our breath.

    If there's one thing Bears fans still want, it's a wide receiver. There's a belief, perhaps rooted in reality -- even if it's a little unrealistic, maybe -- that Cutler can only be as good as his wide receivers. If they're bad, he won't be able to overcome. Or vice versa.

    Whether or not this is actually true seems dubious. Cutler will likely improve the Bears in a variety of ways, even if his receivers aren't the standard he had in Denver. His feet -- his ability to keep plays alive outside of the pocket -- is one of his more underrated skills, something the Bears haven't had, like, ever.

    All the same, there's no arguing with the fact that the Bears wideouts are not particularly gifted. They could, in an ideal world, use more talent. And that's where Brandon Marshall comes in.'s Adam Schefter is reporting that Marshall wants out of Denver. Like Cutler, he's disgruntled with Broncos management. Like Cutler, he might be willing to force his move to a different team. Like Cutler, the Bears could very much use his services.

    The problem is that the Broncos would be utterly insane to trade both their star quarterback and their best young wide receiver in the same offseason. Even if Marshall is disgruntled, there are other options, and if there's one thing Broncos brass should have learnedf rom the Cutler situation, it's that patience is key. Rash actions get your star quarterback traded for draft picks. Now who wants that?

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