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Urlacher: No Need for Beck Apology

Brian Urlacher says Glenn Beck comment blown out of proportion



    Urlacher: No Need for Beck Apology
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    Brian Urlacher felt Ed Vrdolyak was like a father figure.

    "It was funny."

    That's how Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher characterized Glenn Beck's description of him as neo-nazi.

    "One of my buddies called me and told me that I was going to think it was funny and it was funny," Urlacher said, according to chicagobreakingsports.com. "It's dumb. I think people blew it out of proportion."

    Last week, Fox News personality, Glenn Beck saw a picture of Urlacher during a of segment on his show and without knowing who he was, Beck called the linebacker a neo-Nazi. The conservative talk show host was responding to his name appearing on a list of the "blackest white folks we know" by the web site theroot.com. Urlacher and several other people with Chicago ties also made the list.

    After the show, Beck apologized, saying he knows nothing about sports and did not realize Urlacher was an NFL star.

    "Since then, I have been informed by my staff that Brian-- uh, Mr. Urlacher-- could kill me with his thumb in nine seconds if he wanted to," Beck wrote on FoxNews.com.

    Urlacher says Beck did not need to apologize.

    "I don't think the guy was being malicious," Urlacher to the Tribune. "He has a show, he was being funny, and that's it."