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Bears have no answers

Front Office remains mum



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    Jerry Angelo may soon be looking over his shoulder, not just Lovie Smith.

    Forget the Rams.  No, on the first day of preparations for Sunday's game, the Bears are stuck answering questions about Brian Urlacher's unhappiness with the team image and Lovie Smith's future.

    "He doesn't have to apologize to me" Jay Cutler said when asked about Urlachers telling Yahoo! Sports he doesn't like the image of the Bears no longer being a running team .  "I talked to him, I understand what he's talking about.  It's frustrating, it's frustrating for everybody in that locker room."

    "Brian's right... you don't have to run the ball every play, you don't have to be a running team, but when you do run the ball you have to do it effectively."

    Cutler is ready to accept the blame while not taking Urlacher's comments personally.

    "No, No you can't take anything personal.  In this game especially when you're losing.  You know I'm going to get a lot of the blame.  I'm aware of that and it should come, alot of it should come my way... I know Brian's frustrated, I'm frustrated, but there's not much we can do..." 

    While one captain was busy explaining the injured captain's comments, other players inside the locker room were defending Lovie Smith.  At least one.

    "I feel very confident in Coach Smith."  Defensive Tackle Tommie Harris said.  " I feel he's done so much for the players as men... But this game all comes down to winning and losing and unfortunately we are in the losing margin.  We'll see where it takes us."

    One place you won't see any "vote of confidence" for the head coach is on the team's web site. In his weekly conversation with General Manager Jerry Angelo talks about his expectations of the final weeks of the season, and the evaluation of draft picks, but nothing about Head Coach Lovie Smith.

    Maybe that's because this pressure cooker known as the Bears,  is boiling over from the top down.


    *  Chris Williams showed speed we never knew he had -- eluding reporters after practice.  Lovie Smith wouldn't confirm Chris Williams move from Right Tackle to replace an injured Orlando Pace at Left Tackle (groin).  But, Jay Cutler insinuated the move has been made.  "We don't have a choice I don't think.  Chris is going to be the guy...I'm confident in him."

    Cato June signed on Tuesday gives the Bears insurance at weakside linebacker with Lance Briggs out (knee sprain/hip pointer).  June came up through the Tony Dungy Tampa 2 system in Indianapolis and thought he'd get his feet wet on special teams.  Smith though said if anyone could step right in, it would be June.

    *  Kevin Schaeffer who is expected to start at Right Tackle with Williams switch to the left side, said he came up admiring guys like Orlando Pace.  But stopped short of saying he ever would tell "the Big O" that he admired him as a little kid!