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Top 5 Bears Reactions to the "Favre Is Quitting" News

Bears React to Favre Speculation with a Yawn



    When last the Bears saw Brett Favre, he was throwing a touchdown pass to Sidney Rice just over the reach of cornerback Corey Graham. That was December 28th at Soldier Field.  The toss forced overtime and, even though the Bears won, it's one reason why Bears players don't believe number four is retiring.

    "I know him," Defensive Tackle Tommie Harris said. "like i know that he if he would have had a bad year last year he would've retired.  He won't end on that note."

    At Olivet Nazarene University where the Bears are training, flat screens showed ESPN's "breaking news" while Bears players pretended not to notice. Or maybe they've just heard it all before.

    "We'll see," Quarterback Jay Cutler smirked.

    "I'll believe it when he doesn't show up for the regular season," Brian Urlacher quipped.

    "We really don't talk about Bret Favre," running back Matt Forte said with a straight face.

    Although the Bears have owned Bret Favre since Lovie Smith took over, handing him losses in 7 of the last 10 games, these Bears don't see news of Favre's impending retirement as a sudden shift in power in the NFC North.  They don't see it happening at all.

    "That Sears commercial," former Viking Chester Taylor recalled, "where he was confused about that -- he might be still confused!" 

    No confusion at all.  It's training camp.  It's Bret Favre. It's an annual rite of summer.