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Bears Whup Seahawks 25-19

Last-minute drive and toss to Hester seals 'Hawks fate



    Bears Whup Seahawks 25-19
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    QBs: Seneca Wallace fills in for the injured Matt Hasselbeck this weekend. Jay Cutler wins this match-up hands down.

    Update: Bears win 25-19 with last-minute toss to Hester.
    After redeeming themselves last week against the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Bears face a mighty, albeit hobbled, opponent in the Seahawks.

    Jay Cutler, fresh off a no-pick game, will most likely face off against Seneca Wallace, the backup for Matt Hasselbeck, who suffered a fractured rib last week against San Francisco.
    Wallace is no Hasselbeck, but he does have a good deep ball. The Bears D will need to watch out for roll-outs and bombs. Deion Branch is set to return for the Seahawks this week, too, joining deep threats Deon Butler and T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
    That's the same Housh who earlier this week said he wasn't pursued by Bears GM Jerry Angelo. "Jerry Angelo probably didn't think I could play, so I'm going to show him Sunday," Houshmandzadeh said Wednesday. "I didn't hear from Chicago, I don't think my agent did, I know I didn't."
    Bring it, Housh.
    The Seahawks have a spotty run D, though. Expect Matt Forte to test the line early and often.
    The biggest x-factor in the game is Qwest Field: it's incredibly noisy, and the crowd hubbub will surely force false starts and delay of game penalties.
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