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Bears Round-Up: Fire Everyone

From Lovie to the McCaskeys, everyone is to blame



    Bears Round-Up: Fire Everyone
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    Both of 'em should go.

    After a 31-7 drubbing at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens, the Chicago Bears have entered a new realm of stink.

    The fire-Lovie movement is gaining ground faster than a DB closes on a Cutler pass, and now General Manager Jerry Angelo is on the trash heap as well.

    The Chicago Tribune’s Dan Pompei had some personnel suggestions for the Bears.

    There was Richard Dent, eating a hot dog at halftime in the press box.

    "Could you suit up for the second half?" I asked.

    "Yeah," he said. "How about you?"

    We agreed, with a bit of delusion no doubt, that a former great pushing 50 and a sports writer of nearly that vintage probably would not hurt the Bears defense in the second half and even might provide improvement.

    While plenty of Chicagoans have an opinion on what players should be on the field (we miss you Kyle Orton), and what the team should do with its head coach, Barry Rozner at the Daily Herald suggests that Jerry Angelo should watch his neck, too.

    Bears GM Jerry Angelo was merely answering a question Sunday when he said no decision had been made yet on Lovie Smith's future. …

    But the premise is flawed, because who ever said Angelo was safe? There's plenty of room under that bus where Angelo pitched Smith on Sunday, space for both Angelo and team president Ted Phillips.

    Rick Morrisey, now at the Sun-Times, believes the team should begin searching for an organizational structure

    Trying to figure out who makes the final decisions for an NFL team shouldn't be difficult, but with the Bears, it's apparently nuclear physics. You'd think some McCaskey, any McCaskey, would step forward with an indication of the family's mind-set on this very unacceptable season.

    But, no. This is an organization that had to hire a search firm to hire its general manager -- and the search firm ''found'' Angelo, who had been toiling for a bad Tampa Bay organization for years. It was the same bad Tampa Bay organization that had been in the Bears' division forever

    ESPN Chicago’s Jeff Dickerson goes so far as to offer up a few viable coaching names that the McCaskeys might even pay for.

    So if the Bears do making a head-coaching change (sorry, but after the Ravens game, I don't feel bad speculating), who else is out there?

    Who else indeed?