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What the Hairs Up With the Bears?

Which Bears LB sports the best mohawk?



    What the Hairs Up With the Bears?

    Bob Babich may have the easiest job on the Bears coaching staff.  His linebackers have some of the most experience playing together and in the Bears system longer than most others on the team.

    "It makes our coaches job easier," said strong side linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa.  "It's like having a coach in the field."

    Brian Urlacher is in his 11th season, the eight year playing with Lance Briggs on the weak side.  Hunter Hillenmeyer has seven years experience making him a reliable backup, while the strong side is manned by Nick Roach in his fourth season and Pisa Tinoisamoa, who played it on and off eight years in St. Louis.

    "It seems like this corp of linebackers has played every team in the league" Hillenmeyer observed.  "And there's definitely a comfort level with that."

    While Roach and Tinoisamoa battle over the starting strong side linebacker spot, there's nothing but respect inside the meeting room.

    "It's neat being around guys who are so good yet so humble," Tinoisamoa said.

    The chemistry was so good, there was barely an objection to Lance Briggs suggestion:  Mohawks for everyone!

    "I spearheaded the movement among the linebackers, yeah!" Briggs laughed.

    "I was one of the most excited about it, when else can you get a Mohawk?" Hillenmeyer showed off.  "When I get a real job, it's going to be harder to sport a mohawk around the office."  Though Hillenmeyer admitted his teammates are calling his a "fauxhawk".

    "I just didn't want to see scalp on the sides," he said.

    Brian Urlacher, who  usually sports a bald head, also joined in.  Slowly.

    "Give it a few weeks, you'll see it grow in," he said.

    Tinoisamoa thought his would look better with a little product.

    "I'm not gelling today or it would be a lot cooler," he explained.

    Unity indeed.  Though the big pay off comes if the Bears win three in a row.

    "Bob's joining us!" Hillenmeyer revealed.

    As in Linebackers coach, Bob Babich.

    "And I think we can get Lovie on board, too," he said.