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Martz Trying to "Screw Up" Offense

Martz's New Offense Puts Bears to the Test



    Offensive coach Mike Martz says he's trying to pack as much information into the playbook as possible, and says he has a great relationshipp with QB Jay Cutler. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 4, 2010)

    If you've ever solved a Rubik's Cube -- without removing the stickers -- give yourself a pat on the back. Then tip your cap to a Chicago Bears offensive player. Because trying to figure out their new playbook requires Rubik-level skills. 

    First-year coordinator Mike Martz is preaching an offensive bible so thick that even Albert Einstein would be intimidated, if Einstein believed in God. Or followed football. Ok, the analogy breaks down, but you get the point. Martz is purposely trying to "screw them up", but the degree of difficulty is all by design. According to the offensive guru, "putting this much information in forces them to focus."
    Consider how gunslinger Jay Cutler tuned-in. Overwhelmed when first handed the playbook roughly six months ago, Cutler is zeroing in. And, he credits Martz for "knowing how to get the most out of his players." Awww. How sweet. Well, apparently, the love-fest is mutual. Martz praises Cutler's progress, going so far as to say "(Cutler's) everything I hoped he'd be."
    Martz also claims he's got enough offensive weapons to succeed. That is, if they can solve his playbook.