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Bears Backup QB is No Guarantee

Bears Hold Risky Insurance Policies Behind Jay Cutler



    With Caleb Hanie's shoulder a question, the Chicago Bears on Wednesday officially signed backup quarterback Matt Gutierrez to plug a potential roster hole.

    He was far from their first choice.

    Trent Green said no.  Josh McCown said no.  Todd Collins said no.  

    Each of the three veteran quarterbacks turned down the Bears because the team wouldn't give any guarantees.

    Green was the Bears' top choice, despite being out of football, sources told NBC Chicago.  He opted instead to stick with his TV job at Fox Sports.

    Talks then turned to McCown, who had until Sunday to get out of his UFL contract in Hartford.  McCown seemed a logical choice, having already played for Mike Martz once before.  The Bears waffled and again refused any guarantees.

    "Every guy in this league would like to have a veteran QB that knows and has played well, but those are so doggone hard to come by," Martz said Tuesday.

    Was Caleb Hanie that good in the preseason opener?  Monday came, and McCown kept his word to honor his contract in Connecticut. 

    Without a guarantee, 15-year veteran Todd Collins also reportedly passed on the opportunity to come to Bourbonnais.

    Now, the Bears welcome Gutierrez to training camp Wednesday as a backup quarterback. 

    Gutierrez, who has no experience in Martz's system, was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Patriots.

    The back up didn't see the field behind Tom Brady.  Gutierrez was slated to start his junior year at Michigan until tearing his labrum, Chad Henne took over and Gutierrez transferred to Idaho State.

    Gutierrez was looking at playing with the Omaha nightHawks of the UFL when Bears Personnel Director Tim Ruskell called,  "It's just an opportunity to come in, join the team and compete."

    Martz is thrilled with his new QB. 

    "Its kind of fun having someone you don't know...I like those situations you let them define who they are in practice," he said.

    Prudent or foolish?

    The Bears might regret not putting themselves in better hands?