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Bears Action Figure, Robot Style

Perfect for reenacting losing seasons! Kidding!



    Bears Action Figure, Robot Style

    Dust off your old G.I. Joes -- or Barbies if you prefer -- because the 2009 version of your childhood wants you to come out and play.

    Behold Cleatus, a full-fledged, butt-kicking, football-holding action hero for the kid in every NFL fan. Or the NFL fan who's still a kid. No difference really.

    This Bears' action figure, a 10-inch Chicago version of the Fox Sports Robot -- is available at the Bears' web store.

    Made of the "highest quality" materials, this robo-plaything boasts the "greatest attention to detail," -- so...comes with a broken lunate bone? 

    Regardless, charge that $32 (+shipping) on your credit card and wait 1-2 business days for your sports fanatic wish to come true.

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