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Are the White Sox Who We Think They Are?

Kenny Williams Channels His Inner Dennis Green to Answer the Question



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    Does Kenny Williams have the right blueprint for White Sox success?


    Spring training is over - and no one is happier about that than Chicago White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams.
    “All we have to do now is go out and prove that we are who we think we are.” said Williams.
    And that raises the question - who are the 2010 White Sox? They’re not the power hitting team that lived by the long ball. Nope - now they’re the team manager Ozzie Guillen has been dreaming about. A group built around speed, which could have more stolen bases than home runs. It would appear that Williams changed the identity of the White Sox to please Guillen. But Williams tells me, nothing could be further from the truth.  
    “Ultimately it’s players that will makes us look like we know what we’re doing or like we’re the village idiots,” said Williams. “But we all do it together. I don’t think it’s defined by one person’s style or feelings. That’s not the way I construct teams.”
    Ozzie made it clear that he’s happy with the team Kenny constructed. But what about Williams? Is he happy with the 2010 White Sox?
    “That’s always a bad question for me, because there is always one more move to make.” said Williams. “So the answer is no. There is one more move to make, I just don’t; know what it is, so hopefully that one move is nothing.”
     If there is one more move to make, trust me, Williams will figure it out. And if he doesn’t, he might drive himself crazy trying.
    “I’m down to probably second guessing myself to 20-to-25 times per day now.” Said Williams. “That’s down from where it used to be.”