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Are the Bulls Asleep at the Wheel?

Big moves in the NBA, but not for Bulls



    Are the Bulls Asleep at the Wheel?
    Steve Nash being sent to the Lakers is one of the latest big moves in the NBA. Will the Bulls get involved in the action?

    Phoenix just sent Steve Nash to the Lakers for half a ham sandwich, a paper clip and a dead AA battery.

    Jason Kidd will play with the Knicks.

    Deron Williams flirted with Dallas before committing to Brooklyn.

    What are the Bulls doing?

    Granted, all these guys are point guards, and the Bulls don't really need someone at that position.  But Derrick Rose could take several months (or a year) to get his wheels back. If that's the case, why not take a flier on Kidd or Nash? Those guys could fill in until Rose comes back, and they're eager to win a ring. They'd probably retire in a year or two. Chicago would seem to be the perfect fit.

    Granted, landing a "big name" doesn't win you anything. (*Cough* Boozer. *Cough*) The Bulls would be better served scouting someone who gives you maximum impact for minimal cost.

    But if the Bulls are serious about contending, it may be time to make some deals. Many of the better teams in the league look to reload from year to year, adding pivotal role players around a solid core. Aside from Rose, is there anyone on this team you definitely want to see here in five years? Maybe Noah, but anyone else? The contending teams have a Big Two or Big Three.

    If the Bulls truly decide this upcoming year is a lost cause, it may be worth taking a step back to reload for 2013. Offload some salary now or make a deal with a dreadful team sure to have a lottery pick.

    Given the state of Rose's ACL, the Bulls need to look at stocking up for two-to-five years down the road. It's OK to take a step back to take three steps forward. Or, if Gar Forman thinks a championship is within grasp now, let's make a short-term deal with the devil. But please, don't just stand in place while the rest of the league runs past.