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Hinrich on LeBron: "Just Hope He Misses More"

Bulls Need to Find a Way to Stop the king, Lebron James



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    Are these LeBron James' final days with the Cavaliers?


    The Bulls have thrown everything -- except maybe the kitchen sink -- at LeBron James. And, none of it has worked. The reigning MVP has dropped 64 points on the Bulls ... in just two games.

    So, how do they adjust for Thursday's Game 3? They don't.

    Kirk Hinrich says, "I don't know if we can guard him any better than we did. It doesn't really change. We just hope he misses more."

    Sometimes, players are just THAT good. And, heck, if anyone should know, it's Chicagoans. So, CHI-town, consider this payback for all the years Michael Jordan owned the Cavaliers.

    Enjoy the other #23. And, when he's a free-agent this summer, throw him a king's ransom.