7 Fast Facts About Olympic Figure Skater Bradie Tennell

As Bradie Tennell gets ready to represent her country in the Winter Olympics, here are seven fast facts about her as she looks for gold in Pyeongchang.

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Bradie Tennell
At an age most of us would have just been learning to walk, Bradie was already skating at two and a half years old!
Bradie Tennell
Bradie didn’t get her first haircut until she was 13 YEARS OLD! Her mom says she cut 21 inches from her hair. By the time she got her hair cut, it was all the way down to her calves!
Ice cream! She prefers either vanilla or triple chocolate mousse tracks.
Bradie enjoys going downtown and taking in the city sights and sounds. She also, naturally, loves skating in Millennium Park.
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"Deep dish all the way, definitely deep dish from Lou Malnati's," Bradie says.
Bradie Tennell
"I love the Blackhawks. My whole family does!" she says. Her two younger brothers play hockey.
Bradie Tennell
Bradie wants to enter the health sciences or medical field once her skating career is over. Her mom is a registered nurse.
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