2019 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Wheelchair Elite: Susannah Scaroni

Learn more about the elite wheelchair racers competing at the 2019 Chicago Marathon.

Susannah Scaroni, a two-time Paralympian, has come a long way since her debut marathon at the 2011 Chicago Marathon.

Name: Susannah Scaroni

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

Standout Race: 

After finishing second to Tatyana McFadden at the 2012 Chicago Marathon, she turned around and won the 2013 Los Angeles Marathon and then broke the course record at the Twin Cities Marathon. She has consistently finished in the top 10 in the AbbottWMM, including six podium finishes (she finished in the top three of the Boston, London, Berlin and Chicago marathons in 2018 alone). 

Scaroni’s 2019 campaign started with a third place finish in Tokyo, a fifth place finish in Boston and a 13th place finish in London. Her best race happened this spring in Duluth – she set the American best to win in 1:30:42, beating her legendary teammate, Tatyana McFadden, to the line by 48 seconds. She also set the world best, 22:22, in the New York Mini 10K.

More About Susannah Scaroni: Scaroni survived a car accident at age 5 but was left paralyzed following the incident. Since then, Scaroni has become a stellar athlete with two Paralympic appearances under her belt and prior experience at the Chicago Marathon. Scaroni studied dietetics at the University of Illinois, Champagne after suffering a serious injury caused by malnutrition in 2008 and continues to practice good health habits to help advance her career. 

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