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Dunn's Bad Season One For the Ages

Slugger will have worst batting average since 1910



    Dunn's Bad Season One For the Ages
    Adam Dunn will make the history books in a way he'd rather not be recognized.

    While Ozzie Guillen is walking out the door, many White Sox fans may be wondering why an underperformer like Adam Dunn isn't the one to go.

    Dunn's struggles this season have been well-documented, but the free agent slugger who was supposed to bring some pop to the lineup is not only having a terrible season -- it ranks among the worst of all time.

    The New York Times' baseball blog ran the numbers on Dunn and found that he's on track for the lowest single-season batting average for a player qualified for a batting title since 1910.

    To put that in perspective, the last time a player had a season this bad, the Chicago Cubs were the defending World Series champions.

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    After Monday's game, Dunn was hitting 1.60, the lowest mark since Bill Bergen hit .139 for the 1909 Brooklyn Superbas.

    In Dunn's defense, he's been one of the best sluggers in the game over the past decade, and at age 31, has enough time to turn things around.

    Here's hoping a new manager and coaching staff can help.

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