Several Injured, at Least a Dozen Homes Damaged in Likely Tornado in Naperville

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Officials in suburban Naperville say that at least six people suffered minor injuries and at least a dozen homes suffered extensive damage after a probable tornado touchdown Sunday night.

According to Doppler radar and the National Weather Service, the likely touch down occurred just after 11 p.m. near suburban Woodridge. The tornado tracked to the east, causing damage in several communities and leading to several minor injuries.

Naperville Fire Chief Mark Pucknaitis says that at least six people suffered injuries during the storm, but all were considered to be minor at this time.

At least a dozen homes suffered extensive damage, with roofs, trees and windows damaged in several locations around the community. Several gas leaks have also been reported.

Fire and police crews are currently canvassing neighborhoods to ensure there isn’t further damage or any further injuries, according to officials.

One Woodridge resident told NBC 5 she managed to safely gather her family together just prior to a tornado hitting the community Sunday.

The city’s Emergency Operations Center has opened in the event that local departments need additional resources in responding to the storms.

Sunday’s storms spawned a series of watches and warnings, with a tornado warning moving across three different counties during the severe outbreak. Other communities, including Woodridge and Darien, experienced damage because of the storms.

The National Weather Service says it will conduct a storm survey to officially determine whether Sunday’s weather event was indeed a tornado, and scientists will also work to determine the wind speed and other facts about the tornado if it is confirmed.

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