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Prosecutor in Kyle Rittenhouse Case Says He Won't Speak to Media Following End of Trial

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Thomas Binger, the assistant district attorney in Kenosha County and the lead prosecutor in the state’s case against Kyle Rittenhouse, says he will not speak to media about the case or about its outcome when a jury reaches its verdict.

In a statement released to media Tuesday, Binger said that Wisconsin Supreme Court ethics rules will preclude him from making comments about the case in interviews or press conferences.

“I understand and appreciate your responsibility to report on this case and provide information to the public,” Binger said in the statement. “In considering your requests, I have reviewed Wisconsin Supreme Court rules 20:3.6 and 20:3.8, which set forth the ethical responsibilities of attorneys and, in particular, prosecutors with regard to trial publicity.

“In light of these ethical guidelines, I have concluded that it would not be appropriate for our office to comply with your requests,” he added.

After closing arguments Monday, the jury began deliberating the case on Tuesday morning. Jurors have reached out to the judge for additional copies of the 36-page jury instruction packet, but it is unclear when they will reach a verdict in the case.

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