Post-Election Stress Not Going Away Anytime Soon, Mental Health Experts Say

Mental health experts are sounding the alarm when it comes to post-election anxiety.

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With final election results uncertain, most likely for days, stress and anxiety plaguing voters may only build.

Earlier this year the American Psychological Association found that more than half of adults in America considered the 2020 election a significant stressor.

“Elections have consequences. In this case, the perception is that the consequences can be fairly dramatic,” said Dr. Anand Kumar, the head of UIC’s Psychiatry Department.

Dr. Kumar said the uncertainty of this election during a pandemic can cause higher anxiety and stress levels. Certain groups can be affected worse than others.

"This goes back to who's more vulnerable to changes in policy," said Dr. Kumar. "They often don’t have the resources, they don’t have the support systems to cope with crisis. "Not that the affluent society isn’t concerned. They’re probably as concerned but they have safeguards."

Dr. Kumar’s suggests reaching out to a friend or colleague who may be experiencing similar feelings. They could help put things into perspective.

Meditation and disconnecting are also ways to relieve anxiety.

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