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Illinois Now Sole State with Concealed Carry Ban

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed bill into law on Friday; Illinois feels increased pressure by gun advocates



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    With Wisconsin's legalization of concealed weapons on Friday, Illinois is now the only state that doesn’t allow concealed carry.
    Wisconsin joined 48 other states in legalizing the carrying of concealed weapons when Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill removing the state's ban on Friday afternoon in Wausau. Concealed weapons will be legal to carry in the dairy state starting in November. 
    Illinois has recently felt pressure to erase its concealed carry laws. The state House rejected a bill for concealed carry on May 5, and the state now faces a lawsuit against the existing ban. 

    "This good fortune enjoyed by the citizens of Wisconsin underscores the ongoing plight of their neighbors to the south," the Illinois State Rifle Association said in a statement. "Once the Wisconsin governor signs concealed carry into law, Illinois will be the only state in the nation that prohibits its citizens from protecting themselves with the most effective tool available -- the defensive firearm."

    Gun supporters argue legalizing concealed carry is long overdue. But opponents say it will not curb crime and will needlessly put more people in harm's way

    "I cannot imagine a reason you need to carry a concealed, loaded weapon unless you're willing to use it on another human being," Jennifer Loudon, the widow of Chicago Police Office Thor Soderberg, said back in May. "I cannot wish that on anybody else. I do not want another family to ever have go through what our family has had to go through."

    Under Wisconsin's law, people who obtain a permit and go through training will be allowed to carry concealed weapons in most public buildings, including the state Capitol and city halls, unless there is a sign posted saying they are not permitted.