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Chicago Dentist Airs Clinton 2012 Campaign Ad



    Chicago Dentist Airs Clinton 2012 Campaign Ad
    William DeJean, YouTube

    A Chicago dentist really wants to see Hillary Clinton elected as President of the United States.  Really.

    More than two full months before the 2010 midterm elections, William DeJean is putting up his own money to run a television ad in Louisiana, Washington, New York and Los Angeles to get voters to think ahead.  Way ahead.

    "I think she is the most qualified," DeJean told CNN this week.

    There's no voiceover, but an impassioned orchestral and choral bed builds under a picture of the current Secretary of State.

    "She has more experience working in and with the White House than most living presidents. She is one of the most admired women in our nation's history. Let's make sure the president we should have elected in 2008 will be on the ballot in 2012. Hillary 2012: Hillary Clinton for President. Start now. Where there's a Hill there's a way," the ad says.

    Clinton has said she has no plans to challenge Obama or to run for the White House.