Kirk: “Let the Girls Play”


"We should leave politics off the court and let the girls play."

That's GOP Senate candidate Mark Kirk taking the high road and excusing himself from the kerfluffle over Highland Park High School's decision to forbid their girls' basketball team from competing in Arizona.

The school sits within Kirk's district.

But the school's decision went high profile when it caught the attention of Sarah Palin, who urged the team to "go rogue" and go to Arizona, then teamed up with WIND radio personality Amy Jacobson to raise money for the trip.

But Illinois political candidates have been wary of entering the discussion.

The Alexi Giannoulias campaign has refused to address the issue.

"At this point we don't have a comment," a campaign spokesperson said.

Earlier today, GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady said he was worried the school had gone too far in canceling the basketball trip.

"I certainly respect the school district's right to make decisions, I believe in local control," Brady said. "I just hope they haven't overstepped rationality in this case."

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