Strip Joint Hosts Palin Look-a-Like Contest

Admiral Theatre's contest coincides with Sarah Palin visit


It's safe to say more than a few red-blooded American males have pictured Sarah Palin in her birthday suit. Considering her political aspirations it'll likely remain a fantasy. 

But one local strip club may have the next best thing to seeing "Sarah Barracuda" in the buff.

Chicago's Admiral Theatre is hosting a Sarah Palin Look–a-like Contest on May 12, coinciding with the Republican politician's appearance in Rosemont.

Club owners have opened the competition to anyone who wants to participate, but seeing as it's an adult entertainment club, the potential winner will likely need to reveal more than a quirky Alaskan accent.

"Actually stripping at the contest is not required, but it'll most likely be needed in order to win. It's definitely something the girls might want to consider," Admiral Theatre's Tim Brown says.

The contest will include a question-and-answer session followed by a "performance" round.

"We're encouraging the contestants to get into costume, whether it's a pantsuit or a camouflage outfit with a machine gun," Brown says.

The club has reached out to both Palin and Rod Blagojevich to act as celebrity judges, but not surprisingly, haven't heard back.

The winners of the contest will receive up to $5,000 in cash prizes and portions of the proceeds will benefit the Tea Party Campaign.
Think they might get a full house that night? You betcha!

May 12th 8 p.m., 3940 W Lawrence, (773) 954-2114

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