Spooky Good Weather

Barack Obama wrote in The Audacity of Hope about his “spooky good fortune” in facing a series of opponents in his U.S. Senate race who flamed out because of ugly allegations found in divorce files or the untenable obstacle of simply being Alan Keyes.

And ever since then, it’s seemed as if every break has gone Obama’s way.

Here’s another one. Schedule an outdoor evening rally in Chicago on Nov. 4 and any other candidate gets snow. Not Obama. Here’s Tom Skilling’s forecast for today and tomorrow.

Today’s High: 72
Today’s Low: 53
Forecast: Rare three-day November spell of 70-degrees or more moves into Day 2. Warmest Election Day in Chicago since temperatures hit 75 on Nov. 3, 1964! Sunny, breezy, unseasonally warm. South to south southwest winds 10-22 m.p.h. Temperatures nearly 20 degrees above normal and near the record for the date of 74 degrees set in 1978. Fair Tuesday night, breezy, unseasonably mild. Grant Park Obama rally temps: 64 degrees at 8 p.m., lowering to 57 degrees.

Wednesday’s High: 71
Wednesday’s Low: 57
Forecast: Sun filters through extensive high clouds. Unseasonably mild. Stronger winds - gusts 35+ m.p.h. The third consecutive day with 70-degree or higher temperatures.

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